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    FUQI embedded clamping machine

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    FUQI 4 advantages

    FUQI 4 major advantages of foundry industry brand

    The industry is the most cost-effective

    The same price is best configured;

    The price can select different parts according to customer's demand;

    Custom service

    Independently own r&d and manufacturing team to develop and customize;

    Tailor your service to your personality;

    Can be customized according to customer requirement;

    Quality assurance.

    Before shipment, pass trial test before shipment;

    Quality assurance;

    After-sales service system!

    To undertake maintenance service;

    The whole machine parts are in stock for a long time.

    Provide free product maintenance services;

    A telephone immediately provides a solution;

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    Dongguan da long fuqi sweater embedded machine co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer of sewing machines and needle accessories (embedded machine), button door and embedded clamping machine. Since its inception, the accessories are complete, a large supply of imported spare parts and needle cars a...

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    The operation of the needle vehicle

    The operation...

    There are certain provisions in the operation of the machine equipment...

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    Needle maintenance
    The needle car manufacturer in...


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