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    The operation of the needle vehicle


    There are certain provisions in the operation of the machine equipment, and only operation can guarantee the safety of operation. So what are the details of what to pay attention to in an operation? Might as well take a look at the matter of notice to make an inventory.

    Note 1: be fully prepared before running

    First of all, be ready to work before the machine is ready to run.Check whether all parts of the machine are normal, whether there are screw shedding phenomenon, etc. These are all prepared before starting up, which can guarantee the smooth operation of the machine in the normal state of the machine equipment.

    Note 2: be careful during the operation

    Be sure to keep your clothes in contact with your hair or parts of your body during the operation. Otherwise it is very easy to have a dangerous accident in operation. In addition, do not put your hand into the device during operation, even if the device has problems, and stop running, you can't drill your hand into the device.

    Note 3: attention after use

    At the end of operation, it is necessary to wait for the needle to stop working completely smoothly. Sometimes the machine will have an inertial phenomenon in operation, so be careful not to contact the device after the power is turned off. Otherwise it's very easy to get hurt by inertia.

    These are the things you should be aware of. For the operator of the needle car, it is important to keep these precautions in mind. After all, a little neglect can lead to a dangerous situation. Especially for those who have long worked in front of the device, and also note that not long before the machine. Avoid the mental trance due to operational fatigue, which can affect the safety of life, which can be a bit of a pyrrhic.

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