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    Needle car

    Needle car

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    The needle car is widely applicable to all kinds of handbags, clothing, textile, leather goods, bags, shoes, belts, sports equipment and other sewing patterns.
    Needle maintenance
    When starting up, check the main machine, how to set the weight, whether there is a special voice, whether the needle is normal, etc. If abnormal phenomenon is found, it should be checked in time. After work, turn off the power, insert the needle into the needle hole, lift the foot, and cover the head with the hood of the machine to prevent the dust from invading. Remove the screw between the needle plate and the feed tooth, remove the cloth, dust, and add a small amount of car oil. The shuttle bed is the core of the needle work, and is the most prone to failure. Therefore, it is important to remove the dirt frequently and add a small amount of car oil. The surface of the needle car and all parts of the panel should always be cleaned, etc. Then leave!
    The needle car continuously USES the machine to carry on maintenance and maintenance, the use of good car oil refueling. When oil is less than six points, to go but don't fill it up with in time (it is ok to add three quarters), two or three months to add a lubricating oil, with one or two weeks should be comprehensive a fuel gas should make idling at a time, when the oil fully infiltrates and flung out the excess oil, again with a clean soft cloth to the nose and mesa clean, lest flyblown sewing the material. Then thread the thread to break the fabric, use the thread of the sewing thread to clean, dump the excess oil trace, until there is no grease on the rag, achieve the lubrication effect, then the goods. After a year or two, the machine will have a major overhaul, such as the discovery of the larger parts, and the replacement of the new ones, which will make the needle work more stable.

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