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    Computer sewing machine

    Computer sewing machine

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    Computer sewing machine is to use two wires (the bottom line and line), alternating between car by needle and bobbin boring on sewing the material form of one or more line mark, make sewing the material of layer or one multilayer woven or stitching machine.
    Computer sewing machine can sew fabrics and plastics, paper, handbags, magic, leather, textile, leather, bags, shoes, belts, watches, belt, golf leisure education equipment products, such as sewing stitch and tidy and beautiful, smooth and firm, sewing speed is quick, simple and convenient to use. At the same time, it can improve the corporate image status, such as the customer needs to inspect the factory, inspect the factory's management level production capacity, equipment status and so on. Now many of the product brand's main accessories customers are required to use the needle - car trim line and pattern. So owning a computer needle is also one of the corporate image.
    How to maintain a computer needle
    Carefully cleaning and cleaning, ensuring the cleaning of computer car parts, is the basis to ensure assembly quality and extend the life of the computer car. Especially for the shaft sleeve, bearing, oil pump, and parts with rotating and swinging parts, should be carefully cleaned.
    If not clean during assembling various axial parts, light caused collar overheating and driving torque is overweight, serious when for accelerated wear debris, "bite" and other serious problems, affecting the overall performance of the machine.
    Everyone who passes by the baking varnish and plating surface treatment, such as computer parts, its assembly joint surface (including hole, slot, plane and screw hole) and have glue layer, therefore before assembly, for such parts must be in accordance with the requirements of process technology, precision work first, and then to assembly and deployment
    If the assembly does not meet the required technical requirements, the computer car will not work properly. The interposition between the parts and the organization is incorrect, which also affects the performance of the computer car.
    The first assembly or overhaul of a computer car has a great impact on the performance of the equipment. Poor assembly of computer vehicles with low accuracy, poor performance, loud noise, heavy torque and short life span; On the contrary, for parts with very low precision, they can still assemble the equipment with better performance after careful selection of assembly and precise adjustment.

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