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    Sewing machine

    Sewing machine

    Introduce:805, rich sweater embedded machine
    Pin number:9 to 18 stitches


    2. Replace the sewing machine 2. Instead of sewing machine 3. Can be combined for export goods 4. Can be made 18g-9g precision side 5


    The machine of sewing machine is thick material type commonly, if it is thick material model is used to make thin material, it is brief appearance jump needle appearance. Because of thin material soft, the needle of the machine is stabbed in the cloth and exiting the cloth, the fabric random needle is sunken and ascend, affecting the composition of the needle thread ring, which briefly constitutes the shortcoming of the jump pin. Suggest a small eyelet; Use a thin needle, and try to close the distance between the needle and the needle.

    The pin is a common defect in the sewing machine, and the embedding machine is no exception as a professional device. After analysis, it is believed that the empty space of the needle and needle is not the same step as the needle. The thread ring is too small when the curved needle hooks; The coordination of pin block and needle is wrong; The Angle of the wire wheel is not the first reason for the defect of the pin. For the above reasons, it is suggested that the following methods should be used to deal with the disadvantages of the embedding machine.

    1. Check the curved needle and needle is synchronous (change machine, when curved needle distances and evacuation, bend should intersect with machine * * * *), if not the same as step can spin panasonic belt gear screw, and scheduling the machine gear and gear synchronous. Together, we will be curved needle is placed to the right, the curved tip's distance to the center of the needle should be 2.6 mm ~ 2.8 mm, curved needle distances and needle just met when, curved needle and the needle between space should be 0.1 mm ~ 0.2 mm.

    2. If the line ring of the hook is too small, we can dispatch the pick line on the machine and raise the thread ring of the hook line.

    3. Change the machine. When the needle and the needle are met, the tip should be 1.5 mm above the bottom of the guide pin, and the guide pin is in contact with the needle. In addition, we need to check whether the needle is in the center of the guide wire, and the needle synchronizes with the guide.

    4. Turn the machine clockwise, and when the needle rises to the dead center, the wire wheel and the overwire are 45 degrees to 50 degrees.

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