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    Tray sewing machine

    Tray sewing machine

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    Large set of sewing machine - sweater sewing process requirements

    A sweater can be woven by knitting machine, a large set of sewing machine can be cut from knitted circular machine. Woven garment piece, but whatever the method must be after the suture is, to form a sweater of wearing value, this process is also called clothing, namely, the predecessor of woolen sweater, refuse, sleeves, collar, placket separate pieces and FuLiao thread connection into a process of woolen sweater. Stitching quality, directly affects the quality of the wool sweater, big mouth tray sewing machine not only affects the wear performance of woolen sweater, and to embody the design of product characteristics and appearance modelling plays an important role.

    Due to the various styles sweaters, raw material variety, sewing equipment, technology and methods are varied, big mouth tray sewing machine so the demands of various cardigan suture is also different.

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