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    Introduce:803, the sweater is buried in the machine
    Pin number:9 to 18 needle


    2. Replace the sewing machine 2. Instead of sewing machine 3. Can be combined for export goods 4. Can be made 18g-9g precision side 5


    Advantages of embedded machine:

    Not the eye, can be opposite color, control eat side in half a branch.The suture chain is exactly the same as the traditional sewing machine, convenient for folding and elastic. Needle spacing can be adjusted freely, especially for coarse knit sweater.

    The operation is simple and easy to learn. New scholars generally practice after one day of practice, and have no high requirement for the operator's eyesight and proficiency. Built-in fuel tank, easy to clean maintenance. To save manpower and improve the work efficiency.

    Characteristics of cardigan embedded machine:

    1) cardigan embedded clamping machine, fast speed, high efficiency, simple operation, no need of needle, the stitching speed up to 3500 times per minute, is 6 to 7 times the traditional sewing machine.

    2) the cardigan is embedded in the machine, the needle is stitched, the needle is adjustable, the needle is adjustable, the stitching can be applied to the stitching of single needle, the elastic effect of the stitching is no different from the sewing disc.

    3) cardigan embedded clamping machine, dual drive synchronous wheel rotation and drag clothing, anti-roll edge guide positioning mechanism, can automatically open the hem of the sheet, without training, a glance will be.

    4) the cardigan is embedded in the machine, and the powerful straight needle runs through the force. Even if the thick material sewing can be easily stitched together, the design is simple and unique, convenient to operate and reduce the worker's fatigue.

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