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    Sweater embedding machine

    Sweater embedding machine

    Introduce:Rich sweater embedded machine
    Pin number:Nine stitches to 18,900


    2. Replace the sewing machine 2. Instead of sewing machine 3. Can split the half of the factory to half the domestic market. 4. Can do 18g-9g precision side 5


    The sewing machine of the sweater was completed by the manual sewing machine. Sweater submerged clamp machine automation work is "problem" of the century, as the sweater IE have been research how to put the tray sewing machine multifarious manual change by high and new technology such as computer control automatic stitching operation, unfortunately, until now also failed to completely solve the problem in the world. The pressure of Labour resources in recent years has led to the imagination that the liberation of manual operations is the dream of the people.

    It is understood that there are only south Korean and Italian manufacturers in the study of automatic development of sewing machines, while there is one in China.

    First generation embedded clamping machine:

    The machine is a machine for sewing machine (big body and sleeve) for high speed sweater, but not the eye, but for the intercolor (about 2 revolutions), control the edge of the two sides. The suture chain is exactly the same as the traditional sewing machine, convenient for folding and elastic. Needle spacing can be adjusted freely, especially for coarse knit sweater. The operation is simple and easy to learn. New scholars generally practice after one day of practice, and have no high requirement for the operator's eyesight and proficiency.Built-in fuel tank, easy to clean maintenance. To save manpower and improve the work efficiency.

    Second generation embedded clamping machine:

    Sweater submerged clamp machine this machine for 2 generation high speed sweater stitching machine, buried sweater clip machine don't need of skilled workers is very clever, easy operation, easy to use, efficient fast clamp, step suture line speeds of up to 3500 times per minute, equivalent to traditional tray sewing machine 6 to 7 times, alignment effect is good, can flowers to color, its elastic effect after stitching and sewing plate suture without difference. Powerful straight needle runs through, even thick material sewing can be easily stitched together, design compact and unique, convenient operation and reduce worker's service. The product is not divided, the needle is adjustable, 6 pin to 22 stitches can be used, single needle single wire stitch.

    Third generation embedded clamping machine:

    There are a lot of factories in use now, this is a trend, rapid suture opportunities are very popular within the next three years, and the characteristics of the third generation quick embedding machine are:

    1. The speed is fast, the efficiency is high, the operation is simple, there is no need for the needle, the stitching speed up to 3500 times per minute, is 6 to 7 times the traditional sewing machine.

    2. Straight needle stitching, no minute needle, adjustable needle distance, 6 stitches to 22 stitches can be applied, single needle single wire stitching, after stitching, the elastic effect is no different from the sewing disc.

    3. Double-drive synchronous wheel rotation and drag, and the anti-roll edge guide positioning mechanism can automatically open the hem of the clothes sheet, without training, as soon as you look at it.

    4. Powerful straight needle penetrating force, even the thick material sewing can be easily stitched together, designed to simplify unique, convenient operation and reduce the worker's fatigue.

    The fourth generation of embedded clamping machine:

    1. Fast speed and optional mode. The rotational speed can reach 4000 RPM. There are two modes: medium/thin, medium/thick.

    2. Adjustable needle spacing. Apply multiple needle type, stitch length range 1 to 5 mm.

    3. Double stitch sewing, outstanding effect. The fabric is pulled by two independently driven synchronous rotary rolls to make the fabric's sewing chain more perfect.

    4. Simple operation. The anti-winding device can automatically open the hem of the fabric.

    5. Automatic needle adding device can be automatically added at any time during sewing.

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